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Aug 6, 2009
i recently joined prep op after quitting 3 years ago, i was in level six. could anyone tell me what the requirements are for the gold level, the charts online are confusing and i want to make gold not silver, if anyone could help me that would be great! :)
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Oct 6, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
What state are you in? Prep op is different in every state, so I can't tell you unless I know where you're competing. I'll be a gold/intermediate in OH/PA this year. :)
Aug 6, 2009
the charts i dont get, like on vault what do you need to do for a 10.0 start value? and what requirements do i need for floor, beams and bars also? the terms their using i dont understand what the a, b, and c's mean, if you could just describe to me what i need that would be great thanks
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Apr 14, 2009
OK - I really don't know if I can make it that much more clear than the charts, but I'll try.

To get a 10.0 SV on Vault at Gold Prep Op you need to do:
half on half off
half on full off
handspring full off

On Floor you have do to 1 B element and 6 A elements - a B element would be a straddle jump, a one and a half turn, a front pike, a tuck jump full, and many, many more that your coach would be able to help you with. You also have to do
1. an Acro series with 3 flight elements in it (ex. round off backhandspring, backhandspring)
2. another Acro series with 2 flight elements in it (ex. round off back tuck OR front handspring step out front handspring two feet)
3. 1 salto or aerial (this salto can be part of one of the above series or all by itself, like just doing a front tuck or an aerial)
4. Dance series with two elements (two leaps connected or two jumps connected)
5. B turn on one foot (ex. one and a half turn)
6. A leap...can be the same leap you use for your dance series
7. A forward acro element (ex. front roll, front handspring, front tuck)

Beam you also need 1 B and 6 As, a B on beam would be a tuck jump half, straddle jump, backhandspring, straight jump 3/4. You also need:
1. A full turn
2. Dance series (2 jumps connected)
3. One Acro element (ex. cartwheel)
4. A different Acro element (ex. backwalkover) - can be connected to the other acro element
5. 2 second hold on one foot (ex. scale)
6. 120 degree leap or jump (do a split jump and you'll get your B skill as well)
7. Salto or Aerial dismount (ex. front tuck, back tuck)

Bars - 1 B element and 6 As (seeing a trend?), Bs on bars are free hips above horizontal, uprises, twisting flyaway dismounts, giants
You also need:
1. Cast to above Horizontal
2. A circling element (ex. free hip, back hip circle)
3. A kip
4. 1 Bar Change
5. A & B dismount (ex. flyaway or undershoot dismount)

A good rule of thumb with Prep Op Gold is that it is designed to be an optional Level 6 level, so for the most part (with a few exceptions) the Level 6 compulsory routines have everything that you need to full fill requirements (with the exception of the vaults, the second acro element on beam, the salto dismount on B and the B turn on Floor).

I hope this helps and isn't just a repeat of the chart.
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