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I had a quick question that I am hoping you can answer for us. We have had several issues at our gym with girls doing skills that are above level and getting deductions for them and I wanted to make sure this is not happening to my daughter.

She is in Excel (Prep Opt) Gold --Region 8 I believe it is.

She is doing a few different skills on bars and beam than many of the other girls and as we said, we just wanted to make sure they are fine and she can't get points deducted.

On bars, her routine includes a free hip and a fly away.

And on beam she is doing a back tuck dismount.

We thought we saw on some sites that some of those skills were OK on Excel Platinum but NOT gold . . . we just wanted to make sure that was NOT the case.

Thanks for you help with clarifying this for us.

Best regards,

I am not in Region 8, but in my Region all of those skills would be fine.
A free hip and a flyaway are both valued as "A" skills, unless her free hip goes to horizontal, which makes it a"B," which is still allowable. A back tuck is an "A" dismount.
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