Prep optional-I need info!

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I need some info on prep optional. I am in level 4 but the hours are to extreme for me. All the coaches want me to move up but I cant because of the hours, and I cant be too commited. I also cant have too extreme of hours. Also, In prep op do you have to go to every competition? So, do you think I am good for prep op?


hi, prep op varies from state to state as far as the rules go... not every gym offers prep op, either. it's a lot less hours, and you get to have your own routines. in my state, you have to go to 2 meets and get a certain score to qualify for states. other than that, it's up to you what meets you want to go to. if you like competing, and still have goals, but can't commit to the hours, prep op is a great way to go! you can challenge yourself as much as you want and get what you want out of it. good luck!
Aug 22, 2009
New Hampshire

I just joined Pre op 5 weeks ago. I love it.

In my state I am going the same amount of hours as I did in Rec. team. But I could go extra if I would like, which I htink I will.

Also the judging is harder in Pre OP. In rec team the judges are Non Sanctioned, but In pre op the judges are Sanctioned which means harder.

I love it, and I am very glad that I joined!
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