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Apr 17, 2007
Coaches, looking for your formulas/solutions/recipes on preparing your parallel bars for underswinging or perparing your uneven bars for bare handed swinging. In other words, what do you prefer, what do your gymnasts prefer, etc. I have heard lots of different things over the years from sugar water, to syrup, to honey, etc... Do you prefer, the prep to be done on the hands, only on the bars, a little of both? Any suggestions and thoughts would be great!
P-bars: I used to use any sticky liquid (sugar water, honey water, soda) and lots of chalk. Then I would chalk up my hands (they were basically already chalked from doing the bars).

Unevens: My girls just use water and chalk. If they need more than that, then they get grips.
I just used water and chalk in the bars, and my grips when I did bars.

The guys in my gym used honey and chalk for p-bars.
My boys that are doing moys, giants, (any under bar) swinging use honey and then chalk on their hands. I prepare the bars for them. Sanding, honey, chalk, depending on the preference of the gymnast.
NO HONEY ON HIGH BAR!!!!! Better if you use a spray bottle, wet the bars a little, and then take a block of chalk, and rub it on the bars. Then swing a little on the bars, with your grips on and grind the chalk into the bar. Works for my guys.
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