Preps for Geingers

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Hey i really want to learn how to geinger so was just wondering if anyone had any good preps for it cus i havent got a clue how i would start to learn it .
I've heard to start with a half twisting backaway which i can do so where do i go from there?
Aj xxx
Sep 21, 2008
You need to talk to your coach.

It's not very likely a skill that you will just "pick up" through repetition. Many coaches will spot you through the drills, let alone trying the skill itself.

Depends on the coach, and the gym.. sorry, I cant give you a better answer than that.



Nov 12, 2007
For the Geinger there is very little drills. Predominantly its a skill that you would teach to a kid with a good strong back giant, and a nice high lifting flyaway (layout).
When you are ready to do the Geinger most of the time if you are small and light the coach can spot you through it on the low bar, so that you get the feeling.
You can do Flyaway land jump 1/2 turn (as you look for the bar) preps, and than its really about just working with a spot.
Initially it will be pretty normal to release to early, and that is ok, as long as you focus on doing flayaway and than!! turn. Don't start the turn before the flayway..

Slowly slowly aim to release a little later, and tap harder. Always have somone slide in a soft safety mat over the bar up until you have to start actually catching.

You should also be doing catching conditioning exercises, such as for the shoulder girdle, and back.
Not open for further replies.