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Mikala Collier

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Mar 6, 2016
Ok I'm trying to make this weeks lesson plan for our preschool gymnastics classes, and the theme is "boot camp". What are some ideas you guys have for this! I need things for bars, beam, trampoline, and any others you can think of!!!
Crawling under mats, "army crawl". Then up and over something. Maybe a pattern of over then under.
Marching anywhere (beam, floor, lines), army crawl under a tunnel of mats, "knees up" run over a ladder on the floor (or hoola hoops arranged staggered), over/under patterns or over/over patterns, knee push-ups , hanging travels across a bar (single rail or P-bars).

Jumps on trampoline and when you say "attention!" they have to find their "freeze" position.
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