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Jun 7, 2013
I have been teaching a Preschool Class for about 2 years now. I change up and do new things all the time...Here lately I have been noticing that I can't keep their attention for more than 4 minutes. By the time I show them what we are doing, and start the activity they are running ramped.

What are some activities/drills/games you guys do with your students?

Thanks guys!!
Typically just lots of circuits and trying to demonstrate things quickly. The station I am on they will trying the more new or dangerous skills. In the other stations drills will be things they can work on their own without being in danger or needing hands on attention.

Of course doing animal walks make the animal sounds. I often like tumble-trak a lot, especially with a return station with panel mats, a floor beam or a wedge.
I have been coaching preschool classes for a couple years now too. For me, I like to have a couple stations that they do often enough that I don't have to explain it and then have a few that they might not know and try to put them in a circuit. Also, the gym I have has lots of colored shapes (circles, stars, squares, etc.) so each class the kids get a shape and while I am explaining they need to be on their shape. I remind my kids that if they are good listeners they can have a turn to be the leader. Usually that is a good enough incentive that they stay put long enough for me to explain. Sometimes though, I have to remind my kids to use their "listening ears" so I make a point to the whole class to put them on and turn them all the way up (sound effects included :) like a clicking noise) Another thing I do sometimes is say that if they are good listeners they can have a turn at the end of class to go on "the big beam" which is at about hip height for me and they get to one by one walk across while I help them.

Hope this helps!
Not open for further replies.