For Parents Preschool: What Should I Expect?

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My daughter(3 1/2) will be going to her first gymnastics class tonight in a Mommy and Me program. I'm just so excited for her and I want to make sure she gets the right training:D It seems to be a good place since most of the cheerleaders in the area go there. What should I expect?

I already ordered a leotard last week, but I don't think it will make it in time. :rolleyes: If it doesn't show up in a few hours then I'll be putting her in a pair of biker shorts and tank top. Is that ok? Should I run out and find a leotard at a Walmart? Those look too much like ballet. :confused:

Thanks for any advice! I'm loving this place already! :lovestruck:


How cute! My daughter Hannah is also in a preschool class and loves it! If it doesn't show up, you can put her in the biker shorts. Just make sure it is okay with your gym. Some gyms require you to have a leotard, others maybe you just need a leotard for team. I think the biker shorts an shirt is just fine for now, until the leo comes! Have fun!:)


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I just started to assist the pre-school coach at our gym last night :D. I had a lot of fun. We had each child sit down on a carpet square. the class began with simple stretching - sitting w/ feet touching (making a butterfly with your legs ) and bouncing legs up and down and rocking back and forth. Then into a pike, touch toes and try to touch nose to knee. Straddle and stretch to each side and to middle. wrist rolls, table tops etc.

After that we did a circuit of forward rolls down a wedge mat, spiderman ( hands on floor and walking feet up a wedge mat) walking on a mini beam, back rolls down wedge mat, pull over (assisted of course) on a training bar and rolling back down.

then we went out to the tumble track where they each did straight jumps, tuck jumps and straddle jumps. Then it was back to the pre-school room for a stamp and they were done.
Aug 25, 2008
We got a leotard at Target and it doesn't look anything like a ballet one. they even have a couple of leos with 3/4 length sleeves. DD's is red and blue with silver star accents and it's too cute. There is a jacket to match that says gymnastics on the back but we didn't get that. They are only $13 to $16 I think depending on the sleeve length you like best...
Jul 26, 2008
She'll be fine in shorts & a t-shirt for her first class - don't sweat it!!

My son (3 today!) does preschool gym. Our gym has a separate preschool room with scaled down equipment, so they stay in there except to get drinks from the fountain and to use the big trampoline. They generally start with some sort of "stretching" dance and then move through the different equipment. Boys and girls are all together (which generally consists of my son and several girls!). They often end with some time in the pit and - of course - the mandatory stamps!!


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Mar 1, 2007
Awww, congratulations on your first gymnastics class! My DD started at 3 and has loved all of it ever since! I was going to suggest Target or Wal-mart but I see it has already been suggested. I have also found some nice ones at Kohl's. At all three store they are priced very reasonable, wear well and are regular gymnastics leotards, not ballet. My DD tried to squeeze into one this past winter becaue it was a velour long sleeved one but after about 3 yrs it was a little too snug, LOL

If the leo dioesn't get there in time snug shorts and a T-shirt for your lil gymmie are fine too! Have FUN!
It went great! She literally jumped right into it and didn't look back! She did things like stretches and a warm up. Then she started out on a mini trampoline and jumped from that, hopscotch, handstand, forward roll over a wedged mat, jumped through hoops and a cartwheel. Then there was another forward roll over a bigger wedged mate, throught a tunnel and finished on the low beam. There was also a larger trampoline, but she needs to get use to jumping on it.

Overall, I was very pleased with the session. They never stopped for the whole hour we were there. I was very disappointed that there were no leotards worn at all. Even though the lady on the phone told me they were worn?! So I have an adorable biketard for no reason :( All the kids wore cheerleading type of workout apparel.

Everything revolved around cheering instead of gymnastics. I think I'll keep her in it for a month and look for a better gym that's leaning more towards gymnastics. I might have to drive to Charleston, WV for a really good one. It's only an hour away so it's not too bad.
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