Coaches Prescriptive advice for side travel during twisting saltos? (video)

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Adam Dovick

Sep 21, 2017
Hey all! This is my first post on ChalkBucket, I was unsure whether to put this in coach or gymnast, I would say I'm more of a coach than a gymnast at this point. I only train for maybe 2-3 hours a week on my own but I coach for 30+ hours.

Anyway, what I am taking about can clearly be seen in this video:

Context of the issue:
So I have made a large amount of progress in my twisting recently and went from less than 10% landed back triple twists off of the trampoline to around 90%. (landed perfectly centered)

Similar to my old tramp triples, I can do my roundoff-bhs fulls and double fulls straight about 10% of the time.

It seems pretty obvious to me that I am rushing the twist, torquing too early. Although it may be something I can't see (the triple was). The problem is habit/muscle memory is fighting anything I try to do.

What fixed my triple was very prescriptive and specific. I was told to raise my arms while not extending my shoulders, pull my elbow across my body to meet the other elbow as opposed to my hand to my diagonal to my shoulder. (and extend my hips more, which I didn't really do)


So I finally am getting to my point:

Can I get some attempts at something prescriptive and specific for fix the side travel seen in the clip near the top?
Hard to see on my screen but the best I can tell, it looks like you may be pushing out just a bit with the right foot on the set and starting the twist just a hair early.
Have you tried high slow layouts? Do they land straight? If you have a good slow layout, do some with your arms staying in a high 'V' throughout the entire skill. Once these are landing straight, start dropping the arm on the side you will twist toward when you are inverted. You will most likely do a 1/2 without trying. Once you have the timing for this, pull the other 1/2 around pretty much the same way you are twisting in the video.
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