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Jan 20, 2013
Who are the standouts in terms of presentation and artistry? I have only seen a handful of floor and beam routines from this years P&G, but thus far Laurie Hernandez's floor routine certainly had more sass and artistry than many routines I have seen of late.

Others you suggest that stand out in terms of presentation?


Jan 1, 2014
Michigan, Region 5
Take a look at Madison Kocian's floor routine from tonight. Very professional as far as choreography and song choice, and she performs it well. The difficulty really isn't crazy, but she's got that "mature" performance quality. She is one of my favorite gymnasts. Love her.

Normally, I would also recommend Emily Gaskins floor routine, however, it really didn't blow me away this year. I'm not super fond of the new routine. She does have great dancer-like qualities, though. She's one of my favorite juniors.

Some other floor routines I really enjoyed:

Elena Arenas. Very spunky, and she dances well. Love her, her parents/coaches, and her gym.
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf. Great smile and really sold the performance today. Great tumbling, too.
Morgan Hurd. As adorable as she is, she dances remarkably well and she really iimpressed me with the detail and fluidity of her movements. I like that.
Alyssa Bauman. Another very professional looking gymnast who actually performs her routine. Great pirouetting and dance, with lovely lines and nice leaps.
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