press handstands

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Sep 12, 2009
I really want a straddle press hand stand, but i can't figure it out. I can pancake on the floor and hold myself off the ground on my hands, but can't rotate my hips up into the handstand. Also I can straddle press all ready standing. Maybe I just don't have enough strength or something. Any ideas? :confused:


Do you know the little "cheater" method where you wrap your legs around your elbows at the beginning? We have had a lot of girls get it this way and then take it to the mushroom (boys pommel horse trainer) and then the floor without cheating. Be diligent and put in the numbers, like 20 attempts per day over several months and see if you are closer!


Get stronger in your shoulders. Develop your lower back strength.

The first is easy, more handstands and handstand walking.

If it's the second, more reverse leg lifts and start weighting them or doing skin the cats from rings or a bar, especially the rear part.

Back extensions.
Not open for further replies.