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Apr 24, 2019
I have heard many people on here and elsewhere say that press handstands must be learned before puberty or they're harder for girls post puberty. Why is this? I disagree. I'm 17, I started gymnastics under two years ago and I can do 5 straddle press handstands (from sitting) in a row without pausing. I got my first full press handstand less than six months after beginning gymnastics and only four months after beginning to work on them. If there's any teen gymnasts out there wondering if you can do a press handstand. YOU CAN!
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A .pt of things are harder to learn post puberty in gymnastics, but that does not mean that you can’t. I have seen gymnasts your age and older learn just about every gymnastics skill under the sun (including press handstands). So I would not worry about things being easier or harder to learn at a certain time.

One of the reasons it’s the young kids who usually get skills,like,presses is because they will,often practice endlessly with total determination until they master it, as you get older you have a lot more to juggle in your life and would often rather sit around instead of being constantly upside down. Practice as often as you can.
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I think the reason people seem to think that it's true (and it probably is true, pre puberty kids probably learn press handstands easier) is because they have relatively more strength because they have relatively less weight to push up. In puberty your weight/strength ratio changes (which is quite logical).
There’s a difference. If you are as strong and flexible and understand the biomechanics it is easier. Coaches teach gymnasts as they are strengthening their bodies and therefore a bound to get it at a young age as their coach is teaching them. And adult who is into cross fit or strong enough can too. It’s said to be harder as an adult because they are not expected to have the strength and flex needed. However if u do then you can. By the time older gymnasts are learning harder skills and need more muscle then they also become tighter making it harder than a more flexible young one that doesn’t need the amount of muscle needed for harder skills
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