press to handstand ?

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i can get my legs up in my press to handstand but once my legs/ hips go closer into the handstand i always fall forward or backwards, how can i stop that ive been tying to get it for a couple of weeks and its not working?


How solid is your handstand? Is your back arching at all. Lower back needs to be pulled in, hips under or you'll just collapse or get stuck.


Maybe you can help me out here because I have a similar problem,
I think im lacking the strength to do it beause i fall forward and down =S

Does anyone have any drills for this perhaps? =3
Sep 21, 2008
If you have a wall with a mat on it, you can do a press with your head near/against the wall. As you press, it will give you guidance as to where your hips/feet are in relation to your head.

When you can do a press satisfactorily, and you feel you can do it without the guidance, move slightly away from the wall and try. If you get up without touching the wall, then do the last step and make it really tough on yourself..

Turn around and stand in a straddle against the wall, or sit in a straddle if youre really strong. Press up, and dont let your feet hit the wall. This will re-enforce the crunch up position for an appropriate press.

If at any point, the press becomes difficult and you wish simply to work on the finishing phase, you can always take a pannel mat and use as many panels as you need to stand on (hands on the floor). This will elevate your hips and make the press easier to rise.

After you get your press, to best way to keep it is to press down. Learn how to press up from a straddle sit on floor, hit the hand stand, then press back down to a straddle sit. When you get stronger, you can do it without sitting on the floor.

When you get really strong, you can do it from a V-Sit.

Good luck!!!

Oct 1, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
I have tips on try to get a press handstand. In my class we first try it in a headstand, after we get that ( I haven't gotten far past that) Then we stand about 1 foot away from a wall and try it on our hands ( I can kind of do that I just jump a little) and to build ab, arm and handstands we do a handstand with our ''tummys'' to the wall and out arm flat to the wall too. Bend and unbend our arms like a push up. Its kind of hard to do it you body is flat against the wall but it will teach you a real strong hold. I have a question. Is a press handstand in straddle easier if you can do a complete middle split?


perhaps, Kendahl. possessing the passive flexibility of a split does not mean you possess the active flexibility to engage the hips and hold the pancake/straddle-L position.
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