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Dec 2, 2012
Region 6 (CT)
Hi all! I was just wondering, what are your priorities in terms of school and gymnastics, and anything else!
For me, it's
1. School (Which includes honors classes)/ Family obligations
2. Gymnastics
3. Volleyball
4. Softball
5. Friends
6. Anything else I can fit into my schedule.
Wow, only now looking at that do I realize how busy I am!:eek:
1. Family
2. School
3. Club gymnastics
4. School friends and highschool gymnastics
5. Pole Vault (spring track)
6. Flute and guitar

You sound pretty busy!
for me unfortunately my priorities aren't exactly how i would like but thats life

1. work (I wish this wan't number 1)
2. Family/friends
3. Irish Dancing (I do this competitively at world level)
4. Gymnastics (wish it was higher)
5. tennis
6. baking cakes
I am religious so,

1. God
2. Family
3. Health
4. School
5. Gymnastics
6. Friends

I don't know what people would think of my priorities but gymnastics is pretty low on that list... Haha weird considering I train about 30 hours a week and am level 10...
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