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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hey guys! Just wanted to update you on my progress. I am re-learning the front handspring--I am starting out on the tumble track since its been a while since I did them on floor. I am working on bars and learning a kip!!! Man!! There are a lot of things to remember to do during that skill--the full body extension, then piking your shins to the bar and then pulling up....UGH! It's tough!!! But so cool and fun at the same time!!!! I've only had a couple classes and I realize that I NEED to do some ab work and pushups and stretching at home more often!!!!!!!


Nov 18, 2007
Metro Detroit, Michigan
that is so great. share what you learn for the front handsprings. i want to get mine better too. sure i have other coaches giving their opinion, but some times you need to hear the same thing, slightly different.
Not open for further replies.