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Oct 10, 2008
Group training is something I want both of my kids to do, but one on one is very valuable. I see this value in my home schooling where we can cover a year's curriculum in a very short time each day. It's just so efficient.

I don't normally pay for privates but if I had the money and their coaches had the time I would do an hour a week.

Yesterday, DH was out of town, no friends wanted to keep my daughter until 9:45pm (since their kids go to bed early and my son practices late), so I either had to hire a babysitter for my daughter or leave my son's practice very early. The only time my son's coach has available for privates is 45 min before team practice, so I generally have written that off as not worth it ... but in this case, since we were at break-even with the babysitting cost, I asked if DS could do a private and we could leave 30 minutes into team practice.

So now DS has his backhandspring on the tramp without a spot.

I told the coach to let me know if he could do it again next week ... most of the kids in DS's group have their bhs and I've been waiting for him to get his because I think he'll get a lot more out of the training group once he's got it. Also he is the youngest by a ways in this group and he is not studying what the others in the group are doing while he's in line. At best he's watching the cheer routines.
Jul 20, 2009
Region 3
Flipper has been at a new gym for 6 months. We paid for privates only to learn choreography for her new floor and beam routines - mind you, we didn't pay for choreography - that was included in the cost of the private lesson. I hate spending more money, but that seemed fair to me. At her old gym, we paid a pretty penny for choreography and the private lessons to learn it were included in the cost.
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