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So here is my dimemma..My dh and I am getting a divorce and I am moving the kids to West Palm Beach Florida. How do I find a gym for my dd who just made the team?
Medic. So sorry to hear about the family situation. It is tough on everyone. You can search for clubs by state on the USAG website although it may not be all inclusive. Also try googling Florida USAG and see what info the state USAG site has. Sometimes those are more up to date as far as clubs etc. Don't think there are many on this forum(if any) from FL. At least the state site could give you some idea when the season starts for compulsory levels etc.

After that it may just be looking at web sites and calling gyms. Obviously, you don't want to make a decision on a gym until you get there and your dd can try several out. IIRC, she had just made the L3 team and not all gyms have a team at that level, so you may be looking at doing a year of pre-team, but stress to her that she will have alot of say in which gym you choose.

Certainly let your current gym know you will not be there for the competitive season, so they don't order a leo etc. for your dd, that you would be expected to pay for. I would encourage her to continue practicing
with her team until time to move to keep her skills up. So tough because I know her favorite coach just left for the military.

Wanted to add that if you have any family etc. in the area you're moving to, they could do a little checking out of the gyms although might not know what exactly you're looking for.
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Excellent advice gym law mom.

Medic--shop around for gyms...look online and make some calls. Definitely visit them and what not before making a final decision. I suggest watching some practices so that you can get a feel for the atmosphere of the gym/coach-student relationships and what not. I'm sorry for the family situtation, sticking with gymnastics and friends will probably help your daughter (not that i'm one to be giving advice--i'm just saying that I think it would help her cope so to speak).
I appreciate the advise and support. I am emailed 12 gyms in the area. I figure I can see who writes back. One did already. Plus they compete level 3. My dd has also picked up a lot of level 4 skills this summer. She got her front limber this weekend.
I live about 40 minutes from west palm. There are plenty of gyms down in sunny south florida.
Which gym do you go to? I have been speaking to a gym owner who offer my daughter a week trial on the team there. They do USAG and AAU combined.
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