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Jan 19, 2009
so things at my gym are not going very well. it used to be my favorite place to go but now i just get so angery when i am there. my coaches say its because i am a "teenager" but its not! they are making all these changes trying to get all these little girls to optional. but they dont care about the optionals. i have srongly been considering switchin gyms. but i couldnt picture myself anywhere else, and i dont want to quit. i would really like to go on the college gymnastics. my gym has been like this for 2 years now and i dont know what yo do!!! help!
Hey its me again having the same troubles.
I would say if it has been like this for 2 years it prob won't change. What kind of changes are you talking about? They prob dont think they are effecting your practice and don't know how you feel. Some times this prob isn't the right way but I wait until they are yelling at me for something I did, I let them hear what I have to say, since they are already mad at me, and at least they'll know, cause I am too shy just to talk to one of them. And I couldn't see my self at a different gym, so I know what you mean, you don't wanna swich gym, you don't wanna quick but its just not fun anymore. I would either talk to them or switch. Hop everything gets better :)
Gyms can't always put gymnasts as their number 1 priority. Gyms need to earn money to stay in business, in order to be able to afford their coaches and their equipment. If they do not have enough kids in the optionals program they will push up more younger kids to make it profitable, or if they have too many in the lower levels they may push them up to make room for more.

Optionals programs are expensive because their gymnast generally train between 16-26 hours a week. And must have a very low coach to gymnast ratio. If they charged enough to cover costs no one would be able to afford to train as an optional. So gyms must do things to make the program affordable.
well, i dont think gymnastics should be about money! thats not what were in it for its for fun. and there are soooooo many people at our gym. it really shouldnt be an issue
like they are changing all our techniques, levels, and coaching system. when i started gym 4 years ago.things were fun but now eh.idk i usually end up getting so angery.
For the gymnasts it isnt about money but for the gyms it has to be. If they don't make enough money they will have to close down. The coaches need to be paid, they need to make a living, they are not kids and they can't spend all their time coaching for nothing.

It may seem like your gym is very big, but the bigger the gym the more expenses. It costs an incredible amount of money to run a gym.
Gyms do have to make money or they won't be in business long. It's easy to say it shouldn't be about the money, but it HAS to be included or they'll be out of business soon.
You say they're changing the way they coach etc.? Sounds like they found what they were doing before wasn't working for them. If you don't like the new way and they're been doing it for 2 yrs, then I suggest looking elsewhere. You can't picture yourself elsewhere, but have you tried out another gym? You're not happy here, try somewhere else. It's no fun spending hours at a place where you're just not happy!
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