WAG Process of Switching Gyms

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Feb 11, 2019
Hello all, we possibly may need to relocate from NM to CO and 12 yo DD has just finished her Level 4 season. She had a good season and secured her required 34 AA and competed at the State meet. I was just curious about the process of moving to a new gym. Are there typically try-outs, evaluations, etc. she has only been in the sport for two years and I worry that her age will keep her from making a J.O. Team. Another possible issue is that in CO, compulsory competition season is Aug-Nov, whereas in NM it runs from Dec-Mar, so the CO girls will have a solid 5 months in training for Level 5. Any input or info is very much appreciated!
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Typically, you would start by calling gyms that interest you and schedule an evaluation. Sometimes this is a private evaluation or sometimes they just have the gymnast join the team for practice for a week or so to see how it goes. You could look for gyms in the area online and look on mymeetscores to perhaps get an idea of a gym with a few older girls?
Do you know what part of Colorado you are moving to? That will help. There are gyms in just about every area that would work with you I think.
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