Product recommendation for rips (Australia)

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Jan 8, 2015
Hi all - happy Australia Day :D

My DDs team have been working towards kipping and those hands are suffering! I've read up on old posts on treatment protocols (thanks all) but there are lots of recommendations for products not available here (or possibly called something else!) So needing some recommendation for products available in Australia please!

Found Hand e balm here - is it worth the dollars? Using paw paw ointment for the moment.
Online search suggests we can get DuoDERM CGF thin dressings here so I might try the pharmacy later.

I like the idea of taping her hands before practise when she has ripped (they do Mon/Wed/Fri so only a day between for healing) But it is difficult to tape hands and continue working on them. If she tapes around the hand and does bars, the tape simply rolls up and she takes it off again. Coach made her a tape grip the last practise which worked better but the tape we have wasn't the best (nor do I think I could do it!). We supply our own tape for gym. Sooo..... tape brand recommendations available in Australia please. GK online store sells a Gibson athletic tape - would that work? Or there are physio style tapes available at rebel Sport - anyone used these?

Thanks in advance :)
Happy Aussie day too:)
Dd did have huge problems with her hands. ( IL8)
She carries a basic sorbalene cream in her bag and applies it immediately after straps/bars as well as in the morning and before bed- to keep her skin supple, this I think has been the biggest help on keeping her skin without tears.
We found the Duoderm ultra thin dressing good after gym but Dd found any bandage type dressing worrying during bars as they all moved eventually and she felt insecure on the bars.
We used Elastoplast spray plaster on any tears which worked really well- just raided her gym bag to check the brand:)
The strapping tape we use for injuries is just the basic Elastoplast strapping tape found in supermarkets and most chemists. We have older kids doing other rep sport and have found this tape to be the best all round as a strapper - just Dd doesn't like any tape on bars. Good luck:)
At my gym we put a tea bag on it over night

I heard from another gym in my area that when you first rip you have to go to the bathrooms and wash your hands with disinfect type soap
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I've heard people swear by the use of preparation H. But, we just use a generic antibacterial ointment with gauze covered with a non stick wrap and then a tape grip. You can see videos on how to make a tape grip on YouTube. It stays in place quite well. Good luck!
At our gym we use a damp/wet warm tea bag placed over the rip. Toughens the skin. Initially it will sting but it works.
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Thank you all for the replies - very helpful :)

Grabbed some Elastoplast strapping tape and made some tape grips as per a YouTube tutorial - easy! Don't know why that isn't my first point of call for learning nearly anything these days!! DD can make them now too (she's crafty - and what's better than gymnastics craft with sticky stuff) so no doubt I will be supplying the whole gyms tape needs now! :cool:

Thankfully the rip she got the other week is all good now and they have had a different coach all this week and the hands are looking fine again. Or is it because I went out and spent money?

Re the tea bag recommendation - that's got to be a real win-win. Mum gets a cuppa and DD gets healed - don't suppose coffee grounds work as well?? :p
Glad to hear the hands feel better! :)

I'd recommend sorbalene on hands after bars as a maintenance/ preventer too - standard practise for the higher level girls at our gym.
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