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Does anyone know a good company for consinment for a ProShop? We only want leotards for the proshop and not othe things. We already have Destira and are looking for another cheap but good looking option. Also, does anyone have and like Look- It leotards? Thanks in advance!


I don't know much about proshops but my DD has a couple of Snowflake leos that she really likes.


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Sep 3, 2005
Try Rebecca's Mom ( and Lizatards ( Don't know if they to consignment or not, but lots of gyms in California (San Diego area) had those brands.
Jul 29, 2007
Satara leos are very good. Our pro shop sells them. They are very reasonably priced. I think our gym sells them for about $20-$30.

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I actually looked into importing KBee leotards to the UK as we were so impressed with them - they fit beautifully, dont ride up, wash well and come in great colours and designs. They will sell at wholesale rates if you have a ProShop. They also release new designs/colours every few months so the range is constantly changing. Their website is: k-Bee Leotards, Gymnastics Leotards, Biketards, Unitards, Leotard Cover-ups, Tank Tops, Tees, Gymnast Hoodies, Leotards and Sweat Pants, Tumble Shorts - Gymnastics Leotards & Apparel Online Store.
Dec 8, 2007
Yay new leo site to check out! I'm known at my gym for having the most leos. They always say I could provide leos to the whole team.

But we sell alpha factor at my gym : i think


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hello, we sell look-it leotards at my gym. The gymnasts seem to like them and they do look really good. I find that they come up quite small - but when you get your size right they do have a good fit. I like the designs and colours they have too.
Jul 4, 2008
There's one inexpensive brand (I thought it might have been Look-It, but from another post that seems unlikely. I do know it's not Satara.) that doesn't actually say the brand inside the leotard, just a very small tag with size and a slightly larger one with the materials listing. They've got some pretty nice stuff, but if you find this brand and end up going with it, they run rather big (at least compared to Garland and GK, ones I could dig up that *did* say the brand in the tags).

As in I'm not tiny (5'7", not flat chested, 38 or 40 depending on how tight I want it to fit in Speedo and Arena and other bathing suits that measure size that way). and an adult large is too big for me, where it's pretty snug in every other brand I've worn. Though this was years ago, so they may have adjusted. Just throwing this out as a warning to check before making a big order. But I suppose it's good if you've got unusually large gymnasts...I didn't think they regularly made them for people that big!

Metallic nylon and foil is a nice way to stand out on a beach if you're not a bikini non-velvet ones have been repurposed as swimsuits in the last several years. ;-)
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