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Consignment Programs

GK used to offer an excellent consignment program that I used in my gym. I also have a blog that is dedicated to the topic of Girls Gymnastics Leotards wherein I provide information about any gymnastics leotard site I can find.

Hope this helps.:)
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My daughter is 10 years old and she always complains how her gymnastic leotards are too tight and itchy from local stores. I was searching all over the internet for more convenient leos. When I found I was shocked at the amazing prices ($10-30)!!! My daughter says they fit well, loves the designs, they moves with her, and everyone commented on them. They also have volume discounts of 10% off if you spend 250+ and enter code GYMS9. Read the reviews online to see how they fit.
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ginnymac - We appologize for the speed of the GK Website. Traffic has been up lately. You can also find out about what's new with GK Leos on our blog.

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We love Garland Activewear leotards at our gym!! Have you seen the leotard/short sets??
They have stuff no one else offers.
I do consignment with Garland Activewear and they have great designs (the peace sign leos disappear the quickest in my gym) and many different prices (from $13-$20 is what you pay) and my girls love them. We don't have issues with them riding up or anything. They also designed my team leo which my girls love and there's none of that need to pick during a routine or even using glue/tape to keep it in place- it stays well.
Garland is a great company to work with- very reasonable and the people are really nice and helpful.
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