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Protein Powders

Discussion in 'Australia / New Zealand' started by Maddies_mum, Apr 6, 2018.

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  1. Does anyone use a protein powder for the child. Mine trains 17hrs a week and her coach said the best thing for them when they finish gym, is. a protein shake.. he did say just a drink of chocolate milk like moove, oak etc. My daughter drinks almond milk to help with her skin, so they don't work for us. I was thinking of a protein powder for her. I use them myself with my training but not sure they are suited. Can anyone recommend one that they use?
  2. I avoid most of the protein powders with my son, especially when he was younger. We just do a chocolate milk. Is there a chocolate almond milk that she can drink?
  3. My kids drink Bolthouse Chocolate shake. If you opt for a protein powder and your child has skin problems resulting from milk, be sure to read the label because many are whey based protein. I try to avoid powders that are soy based due to the hormonal concerns and artificial sweeteners for my kids. I use Vega soy free protein powder for myself, which is plant based. Look at the website onegreenplanet.org for vegan soy free powders and you may find something you like. You can also try another protein based snack like turkey jerky - my kids love it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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