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Proud Parent
Jul 19, 2012
So my kid has never been a top-of-the podium kind of girl. She has always struggled and frequently watched as her friends passed by her in levels and getting tons of medals. She spent most of last year injured and didn't qualify for regionals (L8) after a not-so-great states.

So she did a 2nd year of L8 this year. She did OK at states (3rd on beam, no other medals) and qualified for regionals.

Well....she had her best meet of the season and probably her career at regionals this weekend! First time to ever get all 9s in a single meet. Highest AA score ever with a 36.6. Highest floor score of the season. It finally all came together for her.

I know there are some extremely talented gymnasts on this board and my dd isn't at that level, but it was so nice to see her so happy with her performance. She actually wanted me to take pictures of her and post videos on FB.

So, I hope you don't mind me sharing my excitement by posting her videos here.
  • Vault - 9.15 - 11th place:

  • Bars - 9.175 - 6th place:

  • Beam - 9.15 - 8th place:

  • Floor - 9.125 (no medal):

She had a 36.6 All Around which gave her 5th place in the region!


Proud Parent
Aug 20, 2016
What an amazing feeling when all of your hard work and determination pay off! This will be a life lesson that she will never forget. Best thing is it will create a recharge in her brain and spirit to push for that next notch that she has in her!!! Congratulations and please don't apologize. Brag away she deserves it!!!
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Jan 1, 2014
Michigan, Region 5
Isn't it great when they peak at the right time? Last season one of my Xcel Golds peaked at the State Championship meet. She had her best meet of the entire season and ended up winning the all-around.

Your daughter is awesome! Congrats! :D
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