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We had a wonderful time!! Rayna placed 3rd on bars, 7th on floor, 8th on vault and 6th All Around.

It wasn't her turn to win, but I've never been more proud! She was gracious and sought out winners to congratulate, made some new friends (we found them later at Wendy's!) and kept her focus even after a rough start on beam.

The little girl who won did an amazing job and deserved her title:) and we were surrounded by supportive parents who cheered for all competitors.

2 months left of training and then the summer schedule begins with Rayna moving to the level 7/8 group.

I can't believe how much she's accomplished in 2 1/4 years.

I'll try to post video in the next few days. I can't yet because a friend of mine who's dd was in the next flight borrowed my camcorder as she'd forgotten hers.

Thanks for letting me brag;)

Canadian Gym Mom
Feb 22, 2007
Congratulations to your daughter- I was hoping she would be in the Saturday session, as my daughter and I are going to watch some of the flights then.
My daughter competes in the US, but we always try to sneak over to watch a few good meets in Ontario. The variety is refreshing!

Glad you had a good time! Way to go!
Feb 26, 2007
Wow Rayna!!! That is awesome, as you say, she has come so far so quickly. She is in an incredibly strong age group, I saw many of them at the Gymnix, such a talented gang, Rayna included.

Summer training is going to be a blast for her.


Congratulations - what a great way to end out her season!! And what impressive sportsmanship as well.
Thanks for all the kind words. I am very proud of everything she's put into this sport. She's become a very determined young lady.

I'm excited for her. She just beams when she's learning new skills, and I know she's got a summer of fun ahead of her:)
Jul 12, 2007
What a great time for Rayna! She has every reason to be proud of herself.
Looking very forward to her vids. Does she have the same floor? - that is my fave routine of all time. I always enjoy watching it:D

Summer is a magical time for any gymmie - I am certain this will be no exception for R;) good luck to her!
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