Provincial championships

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In Ontario the top 4 of several groups - can move on to either Easterns or Canadians. Do you have something similar in the prairies? Hopefully so then they can compete against other people.

Good luck this weekend.

Good luck to all we have ours in the prairies too! Too bad so few kids from p5 up some kids only compete against themselves!
We have the same they will get to go to westerns or nationals just not the same type of mental prep of big comp atmosphere.

Still fun but many would prefer to have someone to challenge them so to speak.
We are headed out tomorrow..... this is DD's first time! CGM, I'm sorry to hear that she can't go - she's had a tough year!
Is there scoring anywhere? One of my friends DD's is competing, would love to see how she is doing,
If you don't have it, PM me and I'll send you the results :)
Not open for further replies.