For Parents Puma Jr’s best vault ever!!

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Mrs. Puma

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Sep 23, 2014
Syracuse, NY
Ok, so I know a lot of you guys have kids who regularly score in the mid or even high 9s, but Puma Jr went into her 45th lifetime meet last weekend without ever scoring a 9 on vault. So when that 9.0 came up (after she did a 1/2 on, 1/2 off which I didn’t even know she could do?! :eek: :p), she was literally jumping for joy. As were Puma and I. (Her 14 year old sister barely looked up from her homework...sigh...)She tied for third on vault (also got 2nd bars, 3rd beam and 3rd AA-but it was a small meet) and medaling on vault is especially sweet since she’s struggled so badly on it. Anyone who has seen video over the years knows exactly what I’m talking Her super awkward run has improved so much, and this is definitely the most height she’s gotten too. So yeah for small victories! :D
Beautiful vault! Having been on CB for a while I love seeing the progress of kids who we've heard about over the years! :)
Incredible! Congratulations to her! My daughter struggles on vault, too, so I'm enjoying the sweet feeling of overcoming that challenge vicariously ;)
A lovely vault! And she's running fast, that's a good thing and may help her to learn even harder vaults in the future!
Thank you! Yes, this is the best I’ve seen her run. It has been not only not fast enough but awkward? Forever!! So grateful to the coach she’s been doing privates with! (and all her’s been a challenge for them I I think something finally clicked!!
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