For Parents Puma Jr makes bars event finals for USAIGC Worlds!!!

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Thinking back to the beginning of her very long season could you have imagined that it would end with Puma Jr. putting up her best routine at the finals of worlds?

You should be so proud of her. You should be proud of yourself for making some good decisions along the way.

The only thing she can control is her own routine and it sounds like she nailed it. That's all you or anyone else can ask for.
Still an accomplishment! And it sounds like they scored a lot harder in the final. Ugh. I hope she is still proud of herself. She has had quite the year, as have you!
So is she doing silver next season?
No, they said Bronze again, which is fine with Puma Jr and me. The jump from Bronze to Silver is pretty big. Silver is pretty close to L7. She "has" all the skills to do it, but we all know how that goes when she competes things she "has" not HAS, right?! Lol They do have parent meetings at the end of summer too, but I don't think that will change for her. Her gym does have Bronze I and Bronze II training groups (they compete the same, it's not two different level like Copper I and Copper II) so she'd like to move to Bronze II, but I trust they will put her wherever will be best for her. I think she's feeling ok? She's still pretty disappointed to not win bars, but I think it's sinking in that she still did pretty well. And yes, holy crazy year! She competed 13 meets this season and from November 19 to June 28...:eek:o_O We both love meets but are looking forward to the break!
@andarc this is the routine from the AA:

and this is the event finals:

I'll pm you the code (sorry! paranoid about the creepers!) and anyone else who wants it (if you're not a creeper lol) let me know. I'd love to get opinions on how she can improve! I know the coaches have it under control, and I definitely do not coach her, but I'm really curious! Especially because the AA one scored better and I thought it was the weaker one. What do I know?! (Just remember she's no super star! This is what "normal kids" look like LOL) :)
I know most of you aren't super familiar with USAIGC, so if anyone wants to score her routines here are the requirements. It's 6 A's at 0.1 each (I think they are all the same as JO-it's on page 42) and the deductions are on on page 57. RULES & POLICY BOOK 2016-2017.pdf
I know I am late to the party but took some time off post season. Just wanted to say Yea to Puma Jr!
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