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Jan 24, 2009
I am planning on buying a trampoline for my backyard (finally!), and was looking for suggestions regarding brands. I am completely overwhelmed by all the choices, and could really use some advice. I want a large rectangular trampoline with a lot of bounce. If you have a good trampoline, please tell me what brand it is, or if any of your gyms have poly bed tramps and you know the brand, please let me know.

Also, would you recommend getting a trampoline with a safety net? Some people seem to think they are helpful, while others think they get in the way of practicing skills.

Thanks for any advice!
Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
Don't get a trampoline with a net. You can get fingers or arms caught in the net and if you hit a pole even though they are padded it could be worse than if you had just fallen. If you want it to be safe it is much better to dig a big hole in the ground and put it at ground level. We have both of our trampolines above ground though and we haven't had any serious injuries in the 6 or 7 years that we have had backyard trampolines. Also, spring free trampolines, the ones with the elastic strips instead of metal springs aren't very bouncy, they are more for little kids just bouncing than for older kids or gymnastics tricks.
Jumpsport and jumpking trampolines are pretty good, but expensive.
Trampolines - JumpSport® 10' x 17' Rectangle Trampolines


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
i would definatly get one with a saftey net...i have been doing things on mine and over rotated quite a few times and landed IN the net!! if i didn't have a net on my tramp i would probably be dead by now :)
so yea, i encourage a saftey net.
i do like...fulls and all that stuff and never have gotten caught in the net! and the poles i have are on the OUTSIDe of the net so you won't hit them and yes they are padded...
so i think it is physically impossible to get caught in the net!
as for the brandss...i don't know.
good luck finding a good one and let me know what kind you end up getting :)
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gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
Ok so here is the mom side of this trampoline issue.

We have a trampoline but needed to have a net for insurance reason and also a rider on our home owners policy to cover any injuries. So a net may not be optional if your insurance companies require you to have one.

nets are good fro non gymnasts and gymnasts the net has saved my dd many times. We also do not let anyone untrained full flips or twists for safety reasons.

We have a jumpking and have been happy with it.

Depending on where you live you need to consider ease of putting it .We have realy bad snowy winters in mn and always take the net, spring, and bed down evey year. Snow is not a tramps friend

Best of luck they are a lot of fun.


Proud Parent
Mar 20, 2009
Hi, We have the AlleyOop trampoline and I have to say it is the best investment we have ever made! It is a round tramp but I believe now they make a rectangle tramp. I would def get a safety net as we have never had any significant injury on the tramp. The one we have actually has 2 mats. The bottom mat can absorb some of the bounce so that is suppose to make it safer. Don't know for sure but I know that if the top mat gets to worn out I can rotate the mats and have a new tramp again. Plus we have had ours for 5 years and it looks brand new still. Hope this helps!!
Feb 26, 2007
I have a lot of opinions on at home tramps. Here is a link to our last tramp thread and it it you will find a link to our first tramp discussion.


I don't think that in this day and age anyone should be advising the purchase of a tramp without a net, just too easy to bounce off the side. My oldest competed tramp at t her meet last week, she fell on her final skill and was saved by a spotter, you do not have spotters at home and a net is better than the ground. She is experienced and was competing a routine that she has trained many times. Stuff happens.

We have a spring free tramp, the girls seem to be able to do anything on it, little one can even fit a nice flick back on it! If you read through the threads tou will see that rules are essential as is supervision.
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Feb 28, 2009
We have a Jump King 15ft round trampoline with a saftey net. We are very happy with it and the net has saved my gymmie many, many times. We bought it from Sam's club last summer. I don't think I would have one without a safety net. There was one incident where my dd forgot to close the zipper opening and actually flew right out and landed on the ground. Again, safety net is a must and now I make sure that each time anyone is on it they close all zippers and hooks before they start bouncing and doing flips. It is tons of fun for all but safety has to be first.



Emma's gym Mom
I bought the same one as you at Sam's Club last summer and my net has ripped big time! Sam's Club is no longer in Canada so I'm hoping to contact Jump King directly.

Absolutely get the net! Friends will come over and use it and one can never be too cautious.
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