Qualified for State & Pixie is soOo thrilled!!

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Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
Her first sectionals and she did really well! Momma is proud :)

Pixie was so excited the night before I had a hard time getting her to sleep! I was so nervous because she has had a really hard time in gym the week before on her handstands which effects many of the L4 routines.

At gym the girls have a handstand contest at the end of class before they can go home. They do it over and over letting the winner leave until the last little girl standing (Pixie, lol!). Well, she desperately wants to hold her handstands longer like the bigger girls so the coaches and her have been adjusting her handstands and Pixie has been arching them because she thinks she can hold them longer that way.

This has been causing her problems in the floor routine, the beam dismount and to some extent her vault. So, I'm really nervous! This was her first sectionals and I wasn't sure what to think. Had I known how the day would play out I wouldn't have gotten so worked up, haha!!

First up was beam: Great routine! Bobbled her turn but it is still a solid routine so far, all that's left is her dismount. Fingers crossed...breath held......handstand is archie. She tries to hold on to it but loses it and doesn't make it over. She gets back on and makes her second attempt.

8.375 ~ did not place

Okay, I admit I thought this knocked her out of the running to qualify for states.

Bars: Very nice routine. Stuck the landing. Things are looking up :)

9.225 ~ 5th place out of 17

Floor: I was worried about her handstands again but she showed me! They were really nice and held them longer than any other meet of the season. Her ROBHS is getting better. Legs are more straight than they had been. Great routine! Just a side note* Pixie has picked up the little walk on and off the floor that just makes me giggle!!

9.275 ~ 2nd place

Vault: Her nemesis. First vault...amazing! Better than I've ever seen!! I'm stunned, almost in tears. She's been working hard on these vaults. I'm so glad to see it pay off and when she needed it most, too! One more vault left and it's even better than the first one! Are you kidding me!?! Where did these vaults come from? Who is that little girl? It's Pixie! And she's beaming from head to toe!! I'm so proud of her. She's smiling from ear to ear and having the time of her life. This is what it's all about.

9.5 ~ 2nd place

AA ~ 36.375
7th place out of 17


Now, I need to catch up with everybody else's meets here at CB :)


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Beautiful job Pixie!!! You looked wonderful out there. Congrats on making it to States!! :D
Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
I was looking everywhere for this thread. I thought I posted in the parents forum, lol!

Thank you both. This will be Pixie's 1st state meet so I'm not sure what to expect. Sectionals wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. I thought it would be a big to do but it was really the most laid back, low key meet of the season. She had so much fun, though. And she was really proud of herself.
Jan 31, 2009
She has very nice presentation:)

The handstands will come. My dd has a very archie back and continues to work hard on not arching handstands - (and shes level 8). Its a daily exercise for her to do wall handstands and stands (which is just standing up against the wall on high toe with arms stretched upwards while pressing your back against the wall; then hold for a couple min.)

As for states(or regionals this year for us!) - we've always maintained that its the icing on the cake. Do your best, have fun. If you win something great, if not the world will not end. The hard part is getting there. Now is the chance to show off what you can do. Good luck.


Way to go Pixie! Congratulations on the personal best on vault (and what a score!). Good luck at States!


By the way, how did you get the youtube video play directly on CB parent forum? Do you just have to embed the video?
Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
By the way, how did you get the youtube video play directly on CB parent forum? Do you just have to embed the video?
Hi! I hope you get to read this. Sorry, I replied so late!

When you compose a thread or reply, here at CB, right above the box where you type the text are little icons. There is one for youtube that looks like this:


Clicking the icon will add this code to your text [ youtube][ /youtube] in between the ][ you add the last part of the youtube url it will embed the video in the post.

So, if the video, that you want to embed, has the web address:

http:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=_KPWRV3gfwQ

you add the part that is after the = . Which happens to be _KPWRV3gfwQ
and it will look like this:

[ youtube]_KPWRV3gfwQ[ /youtube]

When you click on the submit reply button it will show the video in your post instead of just a link.

I hope that wasn't too confusing. I think I made it more complicated than it really is, lol!

Hope that helps! :)
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Apr 10, 2009
Great job to you Pixie!!!!!!!!! You did very well out there!!!!!!!!!! Your vaults were gorgeus and very well form!! You have great lines!!!!!! You are going to be a vaulter!!!!!!!

(P.S. congrats on making it to S.T.A.T.E.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) YOU WILL DO AWESOME I CAN TELL JUST WORK REALLY HARD ON BEAM AND BE WOBBLE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much for telling me how to do that. I think I tried everything but that, lol. I appreciate it.


Congratulations to Pixie! Her vaults were awesome! She is going to have an awesome state meet. I did not think her handstands were archy at all.

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