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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
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Jun 6, 2008
Does anyone know what their region's Level 5 qualifying score is for the Regional meet??
I wonder if all Regions are the same?
I am in R idea what the qualifier is....
Aug 20, 2009
Yes, I think it's set by each state. Our state always sets the number really low. I don't think we've ever had a gymnast at our gym not qualify based on the state requirement. Given that, our coaches usually set a score for qualification that's a bit higher.


You can find the answers to that in the Rules and Policies. Men's section on USA-GYMNASTICS.ORG

The answer is though, that it is set by the Director, and anyone he feels necessary to help choose it.

Most states set it low, to encourage a large meet. It is more financially beneficial to the host club. It would be hard to run a regional meet with 100 boys.:cool:


In Region 1 Norcal, our L5 will need to score 84 2x during the season to qualify to their State Meet. Otherwise, maybe they can get in at the Last Chance Qualifier by placing high enough (top 30?).

AFAIK, there is no qualifying score to get to Regionals as of now/yet/ever.


In Region IX, I heard they pick the number after they see what the boys score at the regular meets. I believe it was for Level 5 last year 8 year olds a 79 or 80. Good luck!
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