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Apr 16, 2008
My daughter is having a pretty hard time with her front hip circle. I was browing the net just to see if I could find anything to do at home to help her. I came across this post and thought I'd try it with her but ...I know very little about gymanstics "terms" so I'm pretty lost.

I looked up what a "candle position" and I found this image:http://www.drillsandskills.com/images/display?path=candlestick.jpg
So when they roll forward I assume their arms end up like the picture on the LEFT?

After they roll forward where do their arms go that they need to "push off down on the floor"? Well, I'm pretty lost after that.
If anyone can break it down for me I'd really appreciate it.

I make devo kids do this drill before they ever try a FHC:

stand in a stretch on the floor (arms by ears)
bend over and touch the floor with arms/legs straight
without bending knees, push up on toes and roll forward w/straight arms
through a candle position (or your legs will smash your face)
maintain straight legs
before your seat hits the floor, push down on the floor with straight arms
stop in a piked position with feet at head height off the floor

If you can't do this drill, then the FHC will still be a problem.

Besides the stretch into the fall, you are probably missing the candle-to-pike transition at the end of the FHC. To compensate, you bend your legs to create rotation.

Good luck
Not open for further replies.