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I don't really understand how the gym trying to do this other thing really impacts the gymnasts. It's not like your coaches would be teaching them at the same time right?DD's gym has many other activites and they are all covered by different people. They have a preschool/daycare, but it's during the day and is staffed seperately. The two really have nothing to do with each other except they are located in the same building. If DD's gym deciding to start teaching underwater basket weaving, I wouldn't care at all. Unless of course they were trying to teach it while also coaching my DD at the same time.

No... those Owners/HC can't or won't let anyone else do it. They have to be involved in everything that happens at the gym. It will definiitely take away their time from the gymnasts.
IMy point is I think it is fine if you have the specialized staff to run the programs but not when you start shifting people around and sacrificing the quality of the programs you do offer.

This is exactly the problem. Fortunately my own DD is no longer at this gym, but we've seen it over and over while we were there. They would start some program, and all the staff would have to scramble to cover it. Now, with this new undertaking, the team parents who are still there are understandably nervous about how this is going to be handled. It will be interesting to see how it finally all plays out. At least I've learned that a few other gyms do have multiple programs going on at the same time.
I think I know exactly what gym you are referring to as we have gotten about 8 team gymnasts from there since the season ended and this has been a large complaint of theirs. Like anything, if you have competent people running the programs, it could be successful... if not, well?
You definitely know which gym I am talking about!

I do know of many gyms who run successful programs in addition to gymnastics classes... some do cheer, some hold adult classes, a lot do the after school care.... but those gyms run all those programs very well. I think most of the parents at this one gym are very concerned because it seems as though NONE of the programs to date have been run well, and they're very concerned that this new endeavor will further erode the quality of instruction their girls/boys are currently receiving. As I said earlier, it will be interesting when all is said and done! Who knows... maybe everyone will be pleasantly surprised.
There is much to be said about CAC's (children's activity centers) and CLAC's (children's learning and activity centers). They are the future. In this looks more like it might be summed up like this:

“If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck”
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