MAG question about mushroom versus horse

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Proud Parent
Nov 18, 2011
Region 7
Of late, my little guy has finally gotten the hang of doing loops on the horse without the pommels. He is beside himself with excitement and wants to spend all his time doing stuff that looks more like all that cool stuff the big guys are doing. I know all of this is going to benefit him in the future, but will any of it translate into his ability to do a competent L6 mushroom/pommel routine?

(And yes, I am also the owner and operator of the female child who came home today from open gym with an ugly rip from doing too many front sole circles. Because that's really going to help her with her beam acro, LOL!)
It is impossible to express how much he loves loves loves pommel horse. He would bring one home from the gym and sleep with it in his bed if he could.

Skschlag, don't scare me like that. I would like at least two years at L6, thank you very much. And I am counting on floor to keep us here!
D loves pommel horse too, so I totally understand that! It has been on his Christmas list for about 4 years now. (not happening!!!) it is definitely his favorite!
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