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My son has just got his first pair of grips. We usually train on mens high bar then the boys do kip drills, and kips on the girls bar while waiting.

Is it a bad thing to wear the grips for mens h/bar on the girls bar (which is wider). Will this make the grips wear in the wrong way?

It didn't seem to make any difference with my sons kip he could do on either the girls bar or the h/bar with the grips on.

We also found that his little finger seemed to rub on the side of the grip, when swinging. Is this normal, and is this only because they are new. Should we sandpaper the side of the grip near the little finger?

I am curious as to why womens grips have two holes for fingers and mens have three. Is there a reason for this?
simply put...better grip by by widening the grip surface. and alot of girls wear 3 holed on uneven bars.
I always tell my kids that their grips are for HB or R, and not to use them anywhere else. This keeps them from using them anywhere else.

As for rubbing of the fingers in the holes of the grip is normal, especially if they are new grips and the gymnast just isn't use to them. As for the size of the hole and rubbing the fingers, sandpaper is the best thing to use widening the finger holes. The more the grips are used the holes will continue to stretch just like the rest of the grip. If the holes get too wide, you can always place some tape at the top of hole.
and a little goes a long way when enlarging the holes.
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