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Nov 8, 2018
i am looking to open up my own gym and i am wondering what you guys prefer opening up a new gym in a retail store or a warehouse. both have obvious pros and cons im just curious about your opinions
Warehouses are typically cheaper to rent as opposed to retail locations. And typically there’s more parking at warehouse locations.

If you are in a retail strip, parking may be more limited due to other businesses occupying the area. The other thing to keep in mind is that typically retail locations have lower ceilings than warehouse locations, but the biggest pro for a retail location obviously is location. Retail locations are usually in higher traffic areas so they’ll be more foot and car traffic for your recreational program which is where majority of your money is going to be made.

Warehouse/industrial locations typically make it easier to monitor strangers on your premises versus retail locations where other businesses are.

Hosting meets to make money also may be a bit easier in a warehouse/industrial area.

Those are just a few off things to consider the top of my head.


Rental/purchase prices per sq. ft.
Support beams for floor and equipment placement
Will retail location allow for pit/cement digging to install pit
Foot/car traffic
Recreational program
Hosting meets

Hope some of that helps
I am a gym owner, and my gym is in a warehouse location. Definitely prefer this to a retail location.

Having the warehouse is have better parking, less congestion, larger space, higher ceilings, less limitations, cheaper rent etc.

You also need to pay close attention to zoning. In both retail and warehouse locations, depending on the area the zoning may prevent you from opening a gym there.
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It completely depends on your purpose. Retail gyms tend to bring more recreational. Where’s warehouse gyms if proven can provide more of a competitive gym. Depending on height of roof aswell. A lot of insight has to go into it. What is your code of ethics. Will you be open to more of a recreational standard with expecting a drop off pick up service or will you strive for a gym with a high standard whereas a recreational dd not wanting to learn so you just keep them with you for a few hours or you tell their parents it’s not worth their money here if there not going to participate kind of thing
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