Parents Question about Xcel Competitions

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Aug 16, 2014
Hi All,

At a recent Silver Xcel meet, a gymnast forgot to do her handstand on beam. I wasn't watching but she told my DD that she forgot it. And, still received a high score of 9.25.

I'm confused - I thought the handstand on beam was a Silver Xcel beam requirement?

Anyway, my DD landed her handstand (almost vertically), no major bobbles and had a clean dismount. Then got a 9.0. Maybe the judges were tired (it was a late meet)...I don't know.

Does anyone know: Is a handstand on beam an Xcel beam routine requirement? What's done is done but I'm just curious....
The requirement is one acro skill. Did she have any other acro in her routine? Cartwheel maybe?
Sometimes the judges just miss it. I remember a level 6 (old, back when 6 was a compulsory level) where a girl forgot an element and both judges totally missed it. I doubt it happens often, especially when there are multiple judges, but I've definitely seen it happen.
I think a missing acro would give her a 9.5 start value, so still technically possible to get a 9.25 but the rest of her routine would have had to be nearly flawless. More than likely I would say the judges missed it.
Did you see her start value? I judged bronze on bars, and a girl left out her circling element, so she missed that Special Requirement, plus the other special requirement of having 4 skills. Her start value was a 9.0, and she still scored an 8.8, because it was that good. They don't have to do a handstand, just an acro from the list of skills.
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