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Jul 12, 2008
My 10 year old joined level 4 team this last winter... the girls were going to compete in spring, but were told they were not ready. Now that summer is rolling around, we are being told that they may wait until NEXT spring to start competing. (When he thinks all the girls can place) My dd is one of only 2 with all her skills.... and she really wants to compete. She is talking about quiting or switching gyms. I don't know what to do!!! (I am very happy with gym and have 2 girls there doing gym and cheer) I have told her that she would most likley not "score" really well.... as it is her first time and is the fall, but she dose not care...she just wants to try. We only have a level 4 and 6 teams right now, last winter all the old team girls left and opened there own gym... so things are a little trickey. What should I do?


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Jan 4, 2008
Most gyms will understandably work to the majority. If only 2 girls in the team have all their skills then it is hard to justify a competition. Coaches would have to be paid to take just two girls, traininng sessions would have to be based around these two girls. Yes, for those girls the best thing would be for them to compete. But whats best for the individual doesn't always win out as the most practical.

A big worry is why so few girls are ready. If they were supposed to compete last spring then they wouldnt have been too far off then, why such a lack of progress in that time? Are the girls training enough hours? Are the coaches using their training time well?
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