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Nov 8, 2006
Does anyone know what types of formats there are for meets? There is a gymnastic invitational meet locally and I wanted to take my dtr to see, but I do not understand the following abbreviations! What types of formats are WUC, CC, traditional, theme and presectional? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I can answer 2 of them. Traditional format is where the gymnasts warm up all 4 events then do the march in and then compete. There is no warm up once the meet starts. CC probably stands for Capitol Cup(one preferred by my daughter). In that type of meet, the girls do some stretching, then march in and then warm up an event, compete it and then rotate to the next event. There would be warm ups before each event during the meet. Sometimes(depending on the gym) they'll have 2 sets of apparatus set up and while one group is warming up, the other is competing. The judges get up and move from one table to another to judge. The only exception might be there is only 1 floor mat.

Hope that helped a little.

Thanks for the info, we went to see the level 3 and 4s compete - they did it in a traditional format - I now know the level 3 floor routine! I think we watched it 50 times! I thought my dtr would be bored, but she did not want to leave, I bribed her because I could not hear the music one more time. Kudos to the judges!
Not open for further replies.