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May 16, 2009
I am a level 7 and I am trying to get my full, cast handstand, and giant. I have my full off the tumble track but I do not usually land it. I just landed 3 out of 15 on Wednesday. I would love some tips for it! I can do my giant on strap bar and I can do it with a spot but I cannot figure out how to do it by myself. Tips on that too. Also I REALLY need to get my cast handstand! That is my most needed skill right now. I would like a BUNCH of tips on that. :D Thanks!


In Gymnastics I don't think there is any "quick fix" to "get" a skill sooner rather than later other than keep practicing a lot. keep doing what your coach asks you to do to practice those skills and do them often and the skills will come.
Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
Hmm, I'm not really sure what you need help with with each skill, but generally...

When I started working on fulls, I twisted too early so I couldn't get very high. You could try delaying the twist a bit so you could get more lift.

AnitaV not a coach but I know from watching a lot cast HS (and the coaching of it) really lean over the bar and drive the heels up....if you don't lean over enough, it's hard to get the HS.
Sep 21, 2008
For your cast, learn a good press handstand. It helps a ton.

For your full, put an unfolded panel mat on the tumble track and take off from that, using the bounce from the track under it. It will feel more similar to floor and help with your timing.

For your giants, get a hand spot.

Lastly, I echo a previous poster - ask your coach. Not all coaches are the same, but you may get lucky and they will see that you are willing to put the extra time in, so they will do the same for you.

Good luck!



If you are not practising your press handstand and planche training enough in gym, start doing it. Both will help in getting your cast handstand ( straddled ).

Initiate the layout by thinking of scooping the toes forward and up. If you can make a nice floaty layout, you'll have plenty of time for the full. If not, work on more core/back conditioning and leg power exercises [ if you want help, just tell me what you do currently and rep and set wise and I can give you some ].

Getting the giant on the HB is a lot about pushing from the cast ( higher is better because it's more momentum ) keeping a nice hollow position through the decent and tapping as late as possible...and a good spot. Shoot toes toes to the ceiling but keep your head in.

Some gyms also work strap bar in gloves so they learn the wrist shift.
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