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gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
This is a tough post for me but, here it goes anyways. My dd has been with her club since she started on team she is currently a L7 doing well except for bars. Our club is owned by 2 brothers one takes care of the boys program one the girls. Our boys program is strong and sucessful. Our girls do fine but, we have problems retaining upper level girls and coaches. I really believe in the owners and thier philosophy about gymnastics. However, our girls team is having problems at most levels with bars this is the area one of the owners coaches. Any suggestions about how to approach the owners about the need to have additional coaching help on bars (ie: the other owner coach for awhile). I realize it would be easier to walk away and find a new club. I however, dont feel like that is the answer. We also are having a problem attractiong another qualified girls team coach. Please help my daughter loves her club and we just would like to see it thrive. We recently in our area have had 3 new clubs open.:confused:
I feel your pain, as I have posted earier, our gym is also "bar challenged", but mostly only at the compulsory level, the good news is that the girls seem to improve as they move through the upper levels. I don't know if the importance is not felt or if the coaching style is just better for the upper levels, all I know is that if they make it past level 7 it's all good.

Cate has been "bar challenged" since she started level 5, at first (for 2 years) it was the squat on, in level 6 it has been the connections. As a parent I have been sooooo frustrated. But heres the amazing thing. Just recently, the last few weeks to be exact, she has started loving bars. She knows she is moving to level 7, and she is just starting to make the mental connections she needed to get the routines. As I said in my post about the last meet Sunday, she was so proud of a 8.1 on bars, she only missed placing by .025, and now the fear of all things bars is starting to disappear. Coaches don't listen, but maybe the coaches were right. They didn't push her past her comfort level, they just worked consistantly with her on the routines, and OMG, one day she just got it.

In my mind I wanted her to get it faster, but I kept my mouth shut, probably out of fear, I have to be honest, and suddenly things are ok. She is really looking forward to starting to work giants, and I think we are over the biggest hurdle. Now it helped that she placed consistantly in the top three on the other events, I know we go back and forth about the importance of scores, but to the girls they love to be recognized. And I have seen the disappointment in the girls that do not place, but with time and confidence bars will get better. Will she get a 9 at states this week, no way, but she will complete her routine and I will be so proud. She is already planning her bar routine, to include the things she does well, and I guess thats all I can ask as a Mom. I am so happy to hear that "I think bars are my favorite event" I could do a cartwheel myself, I would probably end up in the hospital, but I'm that happy.

So if other events are going well, maybe it will be a case of with time it will come. If you are unhapy with the coaching on other events, I would be more likely to make a change. You know you daughter better than anyone, and I am sure you will make the right decision.
Hey catesmom,
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really needed to hear that! I am happy with the rest of the events coaching sooo I guess I need to wait it out and see what comes. I will jump for joy when my daughter can cast to handstand and do a giant without a spot. It has been a long Level 7 season with no giant and a bad clear hip one more meet and we are done. My daughter did not qualify for state this year. The score this year in MN i for State is 35 she still could qualify at the last meet and that would be great. I guess my biggest frustration is hearing cuts on the club you have chosen to take your child to either by families who have left or other club coaches. Our owners are great guys with big hearts but really laid back on owner things sometimes. Anyways thanks a bunch for the great words. They are the bright spot on a tough week. I am our booster clubs team rep for the girls side so I hear all the bad. Sometimes people forget this is a kids sport in the end. We need to be rpoud of our kids and the job they do.
That 35 to qualify is just brutal, I thought we had it rough with a 34 for level 6. I'm glad that I could make you smile, after the week we have had, it's nice to make a positive differnce. I just know that your daughters time will come, I never would have expected it, but gosh it's nice when they get it. I know we still have a long road to cross before we are ready for level 7 bars, so I take each small accomplishment to heart. Our giants start next week.:eek:
I think every gym has an 1 event they aren't quite as strong in and 1 they are known as being very good at. The other 2 seem to fall in the middle. Our old gym(that trains elites) has never been great on floor, but very strong on bars. My gymmie has usually found bars to be a good event for her. At our previous gym, bars are taught with lots and lots of repitition. Girls are working kip-cast-handstand as L5s and they do it over and over and over. Same with clear hip to handstand etc. Bars to me is one event that requires a good solid conditioning program. Girls simply will not get these skills with low to average strength. There is also the growth factor. My gymmie lost and got back the kip-handstand etc. due to her getting a little taller each season.

Our current gym is strong on bars also, much stronger on floor than the other gym because they include some dance as part of their weekly practice. My gymmie has always been good on bars, but this year, she has exploded. Her L7 routine is a kip/cast-clear hip-handstand(just started hitting those consistently about a month ago), toe circle, straddle cast to high bar, 2giants and flyaway which she can now take above the high bar. Her coach feels she is more than ready for L8 bars. Now-----if we could only solve the beam problem!!!!!!!!!
Gym Monkeys Mom.

Hang in there. I have heard Great things about your gym. My DD said the girls from your gym are really nice! And you know my feelings about sportsmanship! :)

I know how hard it can be to feel like your DD is just not living up to the potential because of something out of their control. It is easy to say, would we be having this problem if we were at xxx gym.

If I am reading between the lines correctly ( let me know if I am way off course) you like the gym because it is a postive enviornment. The coaches take special interst in all the girls, it is a smaller gym that feels more like family.

I think that there is a trade off. You could go to a big powerhouse gym. Have specialized coaches for each event, but what are their goals? Do they want to be the best in the state no matter what? Or do they want to have happy, healthy motivated gymnasts. Maybe you can have both I dont know..
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