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Proud Parent
Jun 11, 2021
My daughter is 13 yrs old, level 8. She just started gymnastics in 2017. Till recently she has loved gymnastics. Never wanted to miss practice etc...and has moved quickly with her skills, her life was gymnastics. Well, this year another gymnast joined our gym. She is the exact age as my daughter, same level, and both adopted from China. She is a very good gymnast and has been doing gymnastics longer than my daughter. This year my daughter broke her shin on bars. It was during the meet season. She cried and sobbed many days over the setback in her gymnastics. She is finally able to train again and work on her skills but told me she wants to quit gymnastics. I don't understand how she stressed getting back to gymnastics and now she is not interested. She told me it was because of the other gymnast that came to our gym. My daughter had high goals that she set for herself and worked hard and pushed herself now all of a sudden she is different. she ended level 7 with an all-around of 37.5 ( last meet before covid). Her first meet 2 meets in level 8 was an all-round of over 35. I asked her if she would want to quit if the new gymnast was not at her gym and she said No, I asked if the new gymnast was nice, she said yes. How do I help her? I don't think this is a reason to quit. How do I get her out of this?


Feb 6, 2021
Could your daughter possibly feel intimidated by the new gymnast? With both of them being the same age /level and your daughter substaining an injury, it does sound like that's what your daughter may be feeling and why she wants to quit. I think guiding your daughter to focus more on herself while supporting her teammates would help. Talking to her about her own goals would be great too (ex; what event do u want to improve the most on)
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