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May 23, 2021
hello! im a level 7/8 gymnast and i’ve done gymnastics for about 8 years now. i’ve always loved the sport and i’ve always dreamed about doing college gymnastics after i graduate (which is 3 years). for about 2 months now i’ve been dreading practice more and more. its getting close to summer practice and i don't wanna go. last week i skipped 4 days out of 5. when i was little i always wanted to go to practice no matter what, but now i feel like it’s the opposite. i don’t wanna stop because gymnastics has always been my life and i don’t know what to do without it, but i dread practice everyday. it makes me sad because ill scroll through instagram and see posts of gymnasts and remember all my skills and teammates and memories, but i dont wanna go to gym. does anyone have any suggestions? btw: ive already talked to my parents and they said its my decision.

thank you if anyone can help a bit!


Proud Parent
Dec 22, 2016
My kiddo is going through the same thing though shes a big younger than you. The thing is everything in life has pros and cons. Staying with gym will have pros and cons, leaving gym will have pros and cons, any new activity you pick up will have pros and cons. The good news is as a gymnast you are in a great position to pivot to another sport and probably pick it up very quickly, so finding something to fill that space gymnastics used to fill is something you can totally do if you choose to. I would sit down and make a list of pros and cons. I would also pick a date either 1 or two months from now and go to gym during that time. Give it your all, have good time, and mark on a calendar each day and how you felt about it. At the end of your time period you'll have some data on how being at gym made you feel and I think you will have an answer either way. And I know if feels like "you are a gymnast" so what will you do without it but I assure you everyone who knows you knows you are much more than "a gymnast" so if you quit there is still so much you can do, and be proud of!


Proud Parent
Oct 16, 2014
Take a month off. You'll find you either miss it too much to stay away, or you'll know you're done.

My Xcel Platinum daughter started pole vaulting as a 9th grader and just finished her senior season. She enjoyed being able to enjoy gymnastics at 12 hours a week and still do XC and Track & Field. Maybe some balance will help you feel more satisfied with your gym experience.

Good luck!
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