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Feb 14, 2021
My friend just quit gymnastics and I am really upset. Of course I understand it is her decision but I am worried we wont be friends anymore because we go to different schools and got to see each other at gymnastics. She keeps saying she's going to do volleyball, but she said that last year and it didn't happen... she often says stuff but never follows up and i'm worried she is going to want to go back to gymnastics and not be able too. What do I do?
You do nothing. Except accept the fact that she has moved on.

You are not responsible for other people feelings, decisions, choices. You are responsible for you and your feelings and choices.
just respect her decision, support her and keep it in touch, keep the friendship alive and if later she decides returns to gymnastics support her. like any good friend does in the good and bad times.
I'd say the best thing you can do right now is support her and remind her that you'll always be there for her. I'm sure feeling are being felt from both ends, and that's very understandable in situations like these.

One thing a friend and I both did to keep in touch was to ask each other a random question or topic each day to talk about. If either of us forgot, we'd simply send a fun code with a list of emojis that we write on our calendar that corresponds with each month month, like February has 3 heart emojis, March has 3 clovers, etc.
Your anxiety is understandable, but friendship is not only built on the same hobbies, it is a connection between you. I'm sure if you talk, everything will be fine.
Not open for further replies.