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Dec 27, 2011

Our Gymnast Club are going to rebuild an exicting hall into a gymnasium with apparatus and landing pit. Unfouryanley, it is impossible to dig down a pit, so we have to buid it above ground. I am trying to design it, but I am very unsure about the dimensions of the rig. I have a background as an engineer for offshorework, and concrete industry, so I am afraid that I will overdimension the rig. I am most unsure about the support of the high bar, end uneven bars.

Do any of you have some experiences about that kind of pit? I have searched, and searched the net, but can't find some details.

Would you recommend a bungy-pit or a loose foam pit?

I am planning to prefabricate the bin in sections outside the gym, and mount it together on site.

The hall ahas very limitad space, so I will use some kund of spce savers, similar to the AAI SRS system, but plan to weld it together by my self. Any experiences?

Thanks for all tips!
the square for uneven bars and high bar are the same. 18 feet by 13 feet. you will use free standing rigs. you will find these on the manufacturers websites. all the manufacturers make free standing rigs.

your question is confusing. a bungy pit and loose foam pit are 1 in the same. we also call them tramp bottomed pits. i can't imagine you would want a pit without a tramp bottom.
Sorry for beeing a bit confusing.

My concern is the dimensions of the frame underneath the appartus on the pit, and also how to get the force from the wires/chains down to the floot. The area is no concern. I am wondering, if I have to use a welded structure to support the apparatus.

Regarding bungy vs loose foam: When attaching a trampoline to the frame, there will be certain stress sideways to the frame. Having loose foam all the depth, I guess this will be no problem. I saw a gym with the walls of the bin, beeing bent inwards of the force from the trampoline.
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