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someone ran over my 5 month old puppy yesterday. I miss him so much.
his name is jager and he's a weimaraner; he never had a chance to live his life. We don't even know who did it and that makes it worse. I miss him so badly.:bawling:
I am so sorry, how awful for you. We become attached to our pets so quickly. They are part of the family. I cannot imagine how someone could do that and not stop.

thank you very much. it would be his 6th month birthday on monday :( we only had him since the end of june so we didn't even have him that long and someone took him from us and couldn't even say sorry.
Aww, that's so sad. Poor little thing. I honestly don't know how people can be so cruel as to just drive on, and not even apologise!!!
Our pets really are a part of the family, I am so sorry someone did this!
Weimaraner's are such gorgeous dogs - I've always wanted one - I bed he was beautiful!
:(:confused::mad: That is so awful. I'm sorry about your loss. I hope they catch whoever did it cuz I'm pretty sure its considered leaving the scene of an accident if you hit a dog and don't stop.
Aww sweetie. That's so sad. I have an almost 5 month old puppy and we got ours in June too. You and your whole family must be just devastated.

The creep who did it will deal with his own Karma.
where we live at the moment it unfortunently happens all the time, like it is no big deal. So there is nothing we can really do to prove who did or didn't do it. which doesn't change how we feel about the situation. he was the most precious dog I have ever had and I have had some cute dogs. He was so loyal and loving and happy. He didn't even have a chance to live life at all. :((
:( Sorry for your loss, did he escape onto the road? I am currently fostering a greyhound who I highly suspect has been hit by the previous foster carer :mad:. I just can't understand how anyone could hurt animals and not care.
he has been running around since we got him..we live on land that has a pond and some trails across the street and he always goes over there cause he loved to swim and just check out what was going on with the other dogs when they would go over there too. there were 6 dogs that live around here now there our only 5 cause of our puppy. I don't understand how you could hurt an animal either. I just wish we knew who did it.
Awww so sorry. Somebody hit our dog once and just drove away. I don't understand how people can do that. My dog lived. But stilll...
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