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So since I'm bored and I don't make many threads I figured I'd make one here since it seems a little slow. So here are some random facts about me:

-wasn't really considering Georgia when I picked the username, I just really like my dog. He's pretty super.
-vegan (yeah I'm a weirdo! No not really I'm cool I promise)
-favorite color is orange
-hmm what else, see I'd usually say something about gymnastics but that's not gonna fly here...favorite skill, that would be various flyaway type deals.

Random facts about you?
This could be fun, it's raining outside, kids will be back from their last day of school at 5pm, so I'll play.

- Orange is also fav. colour
- I spell the British way and spell checker hates it.
- I love cadbury's milk chocolate
- Speak French when I'm at gym
- Bogwoppit is a small naughty hairy, marsh dwelling animal in a kids book that I read, see Bogwoppit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
- Love to travel, that's how I ended up staying in Quebec. Love planning trips.
- Edit English translations to keep me fed.
- Hate the feel of chalk on my hands, makes me want to puke in fact!
- Loathe carrots, they taste orange, even though I like the look oranges tastes
- Been married twice, oooh gossip!!!
- Hate the feel of chalk on my hands, makes me want to puke in fact!

OMGMETOO. almost put that in but I wrote it in another thread so I didn't want to belabor the point. It's okay on bars (although I have to spray my hands in between) but as soon as I get off I have to wash my hands.
random facts. haha this could be a lot.
i eat constantly. if i havent eaten in like 2 hours im hungry.
my idea of fun is either gymnastics or working out or eating or computer.
i like bright colors
i used to not wear pink at all.
i have huge hands and feet but im short
im the most uncoordinated person you will ever meet.
haha lots of stories about that if u want to hear
oh and i cant spell.

i have tasted chalk before on purpose.
i have tasted chalk before on purpose.


Random facts about me:
- i live in the country
- i pretty much live on my trampoline
- i also eat..ALOT
- i listen to country music (my fav's are rascal flatts and carrie underwood and taylor swift)
- i live on a farm (beef cattle)
- i'm in grade 11
- i like to go sailing and "cottaging"
- i LOVE snowboarding in the winter
- the only sport i do as an extracarricular activity is gymnastics...but i also like volleyball and rockclimbing and other random sports.
- my favorite skills are layouts because it feels like I'm flying lol
-I am very uncooridinated
-your steryotipical blonde (hair color and all) straight a student though
-I love soccer and goign to the desert
-I live on the coast but i am scared of the ocean!!
-Im short, but i like it
-Wont where, pink, or skirts, dresses ocassionally, if i have to (like formal stuff)
and... hmmm, oh yeah
-i can touch my tounge to my nose! haha
Hmmm. Well

* I'm a racecar driver : )
* Involved with theatre
* in AP calculus
* play over 10 different instruments
* my favorite color changes with my mood
* I LOVE harry potter! (and reading other books too lol)
Hmm, why not?

- For now, I speak German at the gym, in class, and with friends.
- I'm picking up a third language this year, although I can't decide between Korean or Latin (yes, random)
- Lacto-ovo vegetarian
- I'm starting figure skating in the fall, since I figured I should pick up another sport... this is my last year of gymnastics, since I'll be graduating from college. :)
- Very proficient on piano and violin
- I have to sneak a gymnastics-related one in here: To this day, I still cannot do a shoot through, mill circle, or FHS with straight legs, and that doesn't seem to have hurt me at all!
-I can french braid my own hair
-I have had waist length for ~10 years and I just cut 11 inches off and donated it
-I got my drivers license on my 16th birthday
-I just started my 4th year of cheerleading and I have had 8 different coaches
-During my gymnastics career I have had over 14 coaches
-My "old" gym coach nicknamed me Dead Arms/Mary Jane/MJ because I used to dance with lazy arms and now sometimes when I set I have lazy arms which she says reminds her of the Tom Petty song and music video Last Dance with Mary Jane because there is a dead girl in a tub and her arms are just floating above her head lazy like my arms.
Okay.... I'll rock the boat with my first one. :D

- I absolutely LOATHE the color orange; in fact, I think it should be outlawed :LOL:
- I have seven tattoos, all of flowers, faeries or dragons
- One of my tattoos means "to be different" and one of them has my daughter's and son's initials hidden in it
- I am an avid reader and own hundreds of books
- I am also a published author
- I am almost 39 years old and will (finally!) finish my bachelors degree in just a few months
I absolutely LOATHE the color orange; in fact, I think it should be outlawed

I don't believe it.

More random facts:
-don't have weird issues with cheerleading (and that can be controversial in gymnastics circles lol)

-my best memory in gymnastics is winning bars at L8 states and sticking my double back the day after I basically had a breakdown because I kept falling on my second bar part after I'd been doing so well on bars all year. I remember that a lot because everything also went downhill pretty soon after that with my training group and favorite coaches. So that was a nice day and my other teammate won AA after she dealt with a lot of fear issues prior to states and had to work really hard to get her routines back.

-I like this smiley: :D

-My favorite books are The Sorrow of War and The Giving Tree
Believe it, Gymdog. I'm actually thinking about petitioning Harley Davidson to get them to change their colors. hehehehehe
- I love to sing- the current party piece is The Pointer Sister's "I'm So Excited"
- Have broken five bones.
- Hope to be a doctor.
- My mum's family is Italian and my dad's are Irish but I have one of the strongest west of Scotland accents you'll probably ever hear
- Love to cook
- Am trying to get my mum to let me get blue highlights.
- Never read things properly
- I usually say the most ridiculous and out of place things but I never usually mean them.
-I'm learning to play guitar
-I had stitches on my hand from a bike accident when i was a lil kid
-I enjoy outdoorsey stuff like hiking and camping (camping in a tent, not an RV)
-I'm on student council at school
-I run track and I want to polevault next year.
-I used to be a competative swimmer
-I want to learn how to speak multiple languages
-I'm going to start reading the Harry Potter series for the first time sometime soon
-I just started tumbling....and I love it!
- My favourite colour is light purple
- My computer's spellchecker doesn't like how I spell favourite and colour (apparently my computer is American)
- I'm a Harry Potter addict!!!!
- As a kid I played both the piano and the clarinet for 3 years each, although never at the same time
- I was in school choirs for a total of 7 years (would have been longer if I had been allowed to join earlier and my high school teacher hadn't been so difficult to get along with)
- In my 14 years in gymnastics I've had 16 different long term coaches (ie not random subs)
- I've managed to escape injury in gymnastics (the worst was a sprained toe)
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-I've been involved in seven different sports, six of them competively.
-My dad was my track coach.
-I've had 3 surgeries, and one on my tounge... all from gymnastics.
-I've played the piano since I was seven.
-I've been to 5 different countries and most of the carribean.
-I traveled to Australia for 3 weeks as a People to People Student Ambassador.
-I'm really shy at school, but tend to meet people from all around the world at meets.
-I love doing things outdoors and i'm definently not a girly girl.
-I've had over 200 stitches.
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-I have never sworn before. Most people use this as an excuse to try to get me to in any way possible, especially my guy friends.
-Yellow is my favorite color.
-My favorite movie is Dead Poet's Society.
-I like writing poems, but I get nervous sharing them face-to- face.
-I haven't had a soda in 5 years.
-The first movie I ever saw in theaters was The Lion King.
-I speak French...one of my friends and I very rarely speak English to each other.
-I play violin.
-In my opinion, one of the best books ever written is The Journey of Socrates, by Dan Millman.
-One of the girls I coached (level three) took 4thin AA at Y nationals and placed in every event. I'm so proud of her!
-I'm an ex-cheerleader.

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