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Feb 21, 2013
My (not quite) 2.5 year old climbed the rope after her gymnastics class on Saturday.... all the way up to the level of my head, all by herself. And I'm pretty tall -5'10"! I was surprised and impressed. My 4 year old still can't do that. She did ask me to help her down.

She climbs trees well and we have a rope swing in our backyard, so it's not out of the blue, but I never saw her climb a rope before. She also decided to do squat-jumps on the beam (mid-height) last weekend, and was landing them. For the longest time she wouldn't even walk on the beam without holding my hand, and now she pushes me away, even on the high beam (I still do my best to spot her).

She talks about doing "big girl gymnastics" all the time and it's a chore to keep her from running over to the level 3 class in the middle of our class. She will just run over to them and try to copy whatever they are doing.

I know it's impossible to know what the future will bring, but I really enjoy watching my kids' athletic feats. My younger DD is extremely intense, in addition to being smart and athletic, so it will be interesting to see what she does. I want to keep the door open for gymnastics but I think she might find other activities better suited to her body type down the road- my husband and I are both very tall. I have a feeling my older daughter is going to end up doing more dance & theater type stuff, but we'll see.

For the moment, we're having a lot of fun with gymnastics- it inspires all sorts of interesting play at home too.
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SOunds like you have a strong little monkey on your hands! Enjoy watching what this develops into for her:)
She only went to her moms head height and then mom lifted her down. That was my first thought too.
She only went to her moms head height and then mom lifted her down. That was my first thought too.

Yes, this. And there was a crash mat below her. She climbs the tree in our front yard to the same height with no mat. The first time she did it (when I wasn't looking- that little scoundrel!) it freaked me out, but then I watched her climb a lot and I could see that she's really smart about it. She tests every limb before she puts her weight on it, and is very careful about having a good grip or foothold before moving the next limb. And she never asks for help on the way down- she only wants help going up (which I refuse- my policy is if you can't get up there by yourself you don't belong up there). She will jump down (from my waist height) rather than get help coming down.
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