random Question....how can you make a grip bag??

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Sep 13, 2008
OK so i've actually have had grips for a long time just i never got a grip back and i decided why not make one. The only problem is i have no idea how to sew.....any help??
Sep 9, 2007
My granny taught me and we learned how to work a sewing machine in school.

Buy two squares of material that are the same size.
Lay one on top of the other with the front facing in the way,
Sew round three sides before turning inside out and voila! You have a bag!

My granny can make drawstring bags but I can't. I just put a little handle on mine by sewing on a strip of the same material.
Hope this helps!
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Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
Get a piece of fabric 2 feet by 9 inches.
Fold it in half the square way with the right sides together.
Sew up the sides.
Fold over each top edge twice.
Thread a ribbon or shoelace through the top seam all the way around.
Pull it tight to close it.



I can't help you with making one but we bought a little travel makeup bag for DD to use for her grips. She likes it 'cause it's Hanna Montana and it's different from everybody else's.
You can always hand stitch it ;) If you are trying to save money, look for a old shirt or something that you could recycle. Fleece is a great fabric that doesn't need the edges finished(doesn't unravel).

You can also just use a small tote from a fabric/craft store around $2 depending on size.
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