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We just found out today at practice that a gymnast has a contagious skin rash. After some research here are two different paragraphs I found.....
To prevent molluscum contagiosum from spreading:
  • Try not to scratch. Put a piece of tape or a bandage over any bumps.
  • Avoid contact sports, swimming pools, and shared baths and articles of clothing (towels.)
Contact with another person who has Molluscum, contact with wet towels that have been used by those with open Molluscum lesions, contact with sleeping or wrestling mats or exercise equipment used by those with mature Molluscum lesions, and any other direct contact with a contaminated item or infected person.

I guess my question is WHY is this child at the gym???? Would you drop your child off at a gym where a child was infected with this?? I don't think negatively about the child or family because of the rash itself I am just upset that they would allow this child to go to gymnastics and possibly infect other with this.

The coach is aware of it, as of this afternoon and is looking into it before he discusses it with the parents.

Any advice??
Ok, the parents were not real smart in letting their daughter do gymnastics right now. Since the coach is aware then basically the ball is in their court to ask the parents to keep the girl out of the gym until she is not contagious. I would ask they supply a note from a MD.

Thing is this girl has probably been in the gym before any of you knew she had this skin condition and the gym can take some steps to wipe down surfaces, but they'll tell you there is no way to completely disinfect gym equipment. The gym may have to put out a written policy about when kids should and should not be in the gym based on health issues.
Okay, I have to respond because I know that this post is referring to me and to my child. First off, we were told by our doctor that it would be fine for her to return to gymnastics and to the gym. We did not simply blindly bring her back. If the doctor had told us to keep her out, we would have done so. The rash does not disappear in a space of a week or so, in which case I would gladly keep her out. It takes several months to resolve, even with treatment. We are treating it and it is already improving, but I am not going to ruin her Level 4 season because of misinformation.

Secondly, the coach contacted me and my husband and told us that he wanted her to wear bandages and a t-shirt to practice (the rash is in her underarm). This was fine with me and I arrived at practice so equipped only to be rounded on by a mother, perhaps you, who informed me that would be insufficient, she had researched the rash on the internet, and my daughter would be required to wear something "watertight." When I inquired what, she said "a long sleeved leotard or long sleeved underarmour shirt." Okay, fine. I was told by both the coach and my doctor that this was not necessary but to appease her, I went and bought a number of long sleeved leotards. I asked the coach if this was sufficient - bandages plus a long sleeved leotard - and was told "yes," she can practice. I double checked with my doctor again and again I was told that the rash is transmitted by skin to skin contact and that the double layer of bandages and long sleeves were more than sufficient to protect the other gymnasts and prevent transmission to mats. I therefore feel that I have done everything asked of me and have now been assured twice by the doctor that she cannot transmit it to others. I do not in any way feel that I am being irresponsible. The doctor has told us that any parent or the gym is free to call and discuss it with them if they need further reassurances. This is not something like lice (which, by the way, someone else's child introduced into the gym) that can jump from her body to another girl's through the air.

I do think it would be wise for the gym to wipe down the mats and other equipment. There have now been several outbreaks of strep and I am quite sure that my daughter picked this rash up at the gym. Certainly, they would be well advised to do a better job keeping the equipment clean.

Nevertheless, I have done everything asked of me by the coach and this parent and the doctor has assured us repeatedly that she cannot transmit it. If this is still a problem for you, you should talk to the coach. This whole thing has been highly upsetting for my daughter and for my husband and me, who feel we have done everything asked of us and now apparently are being told we should pull our daughter out of gymnastics and ruin her Level 4 season for something that our doctor has told us is not a big deal and cannot be transmitted unless someone undresses her and takes her bandaids off. I suppose she shouldn't go to school for two months either and we should all be quarantined in our house until it's certain none of us are contagious. :mad:
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After reading all the messages it seems there are very hurt feelings in the gym, that is very unfortunate. I would have the coach address the issue with the parents and defend the actions taken. If the family with the dd who has the rash has done everything the Dr/coach advised, then an apology is neccessary.

From my understanding, the rash is simply contagious and annoying, not fatal. Along the lines of LICE, the mere mention of the word will strike terror in the heart of any parent! They are pesky and annoying, not fatal. The passengers aboard the plane with the attorney who has TB and possibly exposed others...that was a legite gripe!

The gymnast and family need to be assured by the other families/coachs that all is well and the seaon needs to be in focus, not the rash situation. The team needs to be fully united, that includes the parents. No one wants to sit alone at a meet and feel like they have been austracized.

My ds wore a bandage over his poison ivy. It struck terror in the kids thinking he was contagious, he wasn't. It kept the itching down and from him scratching it. Even at gymnastics, the other boys would shy away from him, his coach stepped in and told them to stop it and what it was. I will be forever grateful how she handled the situation before it got out of hand.

Something similiar needs to happen here before relationships are permanently broken and a young girl pays the high price. My heart hurts for the whole's very unfortunate. Life is too short and precious to let this get in the way of a fun year.
OK Megley....if you want to talk to me in person i'd gladly do so. But, let me start by saying I had no idea you were on this loop. I have no qualms of speaking to you directly. I have called my childs doctor, along with other team parents, and was told as long and there are bumps present this is HIGHLY contagious! It may not be as serious as other skin problems but when you have a preteen who is very conscious of her looks it is more than annoying. These bumps can last a year or more and if a child has them on her face she will more than likely be embarassed and ostercised by her peers. Your daughter is a sweet child and nobody at the gym is treating her any differently. We just think that it should have been handled differently. A single band aid is not the answer -per my child's pediatricianand the Center for Disease Control website. I don't know who is asking you to pull your daughter out of gymnastics and ruin her level 4 season but it is not me nor any of the other team parents I have spoken to. Of course we think she got it from the gym--no question about it. Does the gym need to be cleaned more----definately!!! All I can do is make sure my daughter washes her hands during and after practice and showers when she gets home. I feel as parents we need to protect our children any way we can. I thought by posting here that someone else may have has the same situation or some insight. I appreciate the replies.
Ok Myangel so now ya know! Surely you could have sent this last message privately! There was no need for you to perpetuate the situation here. You are talking about this sweet child’s feelings vs. a pre-teens looks!!!

In this particular case you happen to be completely aware of the situation... the parents took every precaution that apparently other parents did not bother to do. Besides, I am sure there are many "contagiums" your dtr has come in contact with at the gym that you are completely UNAWARE of. You said yourself that the gym needed to be cleaned more! Why do you let you’re your dtr come to gym knowing that everything she touches is contaminated with something? Because you can’t see it, you think its not there? Maybe you should research and look up all of the thousands of different kinds of invisible germs your dtr comes in contact with everyday... perhaps then you would realize how ridiculous you sound!
These things happen in every sport. Please continue your conversation at the gym. Communication is the key in situations like this.
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